Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Later That Same Day.....

The feeling that all this should be happening to someone else pops at random. On the one hand, the internet is probably not the healthiest place to be when I'm feeling this way. On the other hand, at least it offers a plethora of deserving targets for my venom, which if nothing else has yet to be directed at anyone I actually know.

Immediately after writing about the roller coaster of emotions my husband's illness has inspired, I came across one of those pictures of a kid holding a sign listing their crimes. These are the unfortunate offspring of dim-witted parents who may honestly believe that utilizing social networks to publicly humiliate their children is a good idea. I'm acquainted with very few people who support this, so I have a feeling I may be seeing less of it than your average person. Which is unsettling, because I see it too much.

This particular example was posted by a livid friend. She and I agree on the subject of this particular brand of "discipline" - she finds these posts offensive under any circumstances, and this one was particularly awful. It was a picture of a tearful girl only a few years older than my own daughter. She wore overalls, because another part of her punishment is being forced to wear ugly clothes for the rest of the school year. She held a sign that read:

Today a man messaged me. I should have known not to message a stranger, especially after he sent me inappropriate things! Instead I chose not to pay attention in school and gave him personal information about myself & my family! He said I was sexy, but I am only 13! He is a sick pervert and I am being punished for my careless actions! Dear Teenage Girls, Social Media is dangerous! #selfrespect. 

Lady, I'm in no mood for your antics. Although you're a complete stranger, I am virtually certain you pull stunts like this all. the. time. Because I know you. Not your name, but your game. That, and I know your daughter's name. You moron. You absolute imbecile.

There are so many problems with this, I don't know where to begin. I won't link to it, because the child's mother has already done more than enough to advertise that her daughter is a young, cute, and vulnerable girl who doesn't have a responsible adult in her life and is going to be quite invested in keeping secrets from her parents. No enterprising predator could help but be intrigued. But also? I'm not helping you, bitch.

I was going to list the many, many reasons this mother is wrong and bad and basically the worst mother in the world, but I changed my mind. You're clever enough to figure all that out for yourself.

I'll just say that one of the thoughts that went through my head was, "Why can't she get a mysterious illness and die? Unlike my children, her daughter would be better off without her."

It's an uncharitable thought to have about a woman who probably can't help being stupid. Her daughter wouldn't appreciate it - she'd probably passionately defend everything about her mother. That's the problem with the the "anger" part of coping. In theory, everyone understands that it's normal and natural. In practice, it's ugly, hateful and violent. It makes you think things that don't exactly endear you to yourself, or anyone else.

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