Thursday, July 24, 2014

Robert vs. Kate, Round 2

Robert isn't finished.

  • Kate never had fertility issues. She got pregnant in high school. If you've been pregnant once, you will never have fertility issues. She doesn't have any of the symptoms of PCOS, although even her estranged ex-husband swears she does. Just look at her - do you see any ovarian cysts? 
  • Robert has spoken with some of Kate's doctors, although of course he can't use their names. After all, what medical professional wouldn't risk their license for an uncredited paraphrase in an especially long National Enquirer article? 
  • But maybe they're doing it for the same reason Robert is. Selflessly, for the good of the Gosselin children. It would do them good for their mom's shady medical history to be public information. Somebody, think of the children! 
  • Robert knows these doctors. He's seen them in the grocery store.
  • Kate says everyone who has actually met her likes her.
  • You know, this is exactly the kind of thing Robert is talking about. He's met Kate and doesn't like her. Isn't he somebody? 
  • Kate was a terrible nurse.
  • Kate is lazy; doesn't have a job, should get a job in her field. 
  • Kate works too much; should spend more time with her children. She even works on Sundays, when she should be in church. 
  • Kate's parents were physically abusive, and her dad forced her to have an abortion when she was a teenager.
  • Kate took advantage of her poor, poor parents, only to cut them off when her family got famous. 
  • The majority of the terrible decisions so far detailed in this book happened when Jon and Kate were married. They're Kate's fault. 
  • When faced with generous offers, Kate either accepts (greedy!) or declines (ungrateful!). 
  • Had no qualms about getting whatever she could from the Discovery channel, which was obviously making infinitely more off her family than it was passing along to her. 
To review: Robert's friend Jon's ex-wife is such a bitch. 

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